Beijing Huijiexu Optoelectronic Technology Co., Ltd, is now located at the Beijing High-Tech Park. Our company is mainly focusing on producing fine optical lenses working at wavelength of near- to mid-infrared, as well as those being used in laser-related applications. We are a company that does an integration of all aspects of business- R&D, manufacturing, sales and marketing. Our company currently owns several individual workshops for fine polishing and thin film coating on optical lenses. We are one of the

trusted vendors that provide fine optical lenses with consistent quality to

customers in the Asia market. Our products promote certain improvement in quality for a wide range of applications including infrared thermal imaging and CO2 lasers.

We have long-term partnerships with several Beijing universities and the   Research Institution of Chinese Academy of Science. Meanwhile, our company closely monitors the current and future trends of the high-tech feeds and adopts the advanced production and examination equipment from both domestic and international manufactures to enhance the product quality and exceed customer expectations. We have built our creditability via

continuous innovation and high customer services.  

Xiuxuanqiao east Rd No.1, Chaoyang district, Beijing, 100016